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Squitos are mosquito repellent patches for babies and children. 

There are a lot of anti-mosquito products on the market but most of them contain DEET. DEET is toxic and not safe for children under the age of six. Squitos contains no DEET or any other toxin and is suitable for kids from the age of 0+.

Squitos' design is modern and practical. Squitos are prepacked in a tin box to prevent the patches from drying out. Squitos mosquito repellent patches are printed with cute animal designs so they are a lot of fun to wear!


Main ingredients

The ingredients of Squitos are essential oil from lemon eucalyptus and citronella.


The combination of these two essential oils and the fact that the patch emits a continuous odor makes the Squitos mosquito repellent patch very effective.


Non Toxic

Squitos mosquito repellent patches are safe and non toxic. The essential oil used for the Squitos patches is highly diluted and completely safe when it comes into contact with mouth and eyes.


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